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Predictive Analytics and Real Estate Leads

Uncover new real estate leads before they hit the market

Identify home seller leads with a high propensity to list

my +plus leads proprietary algorithm analyzes hundreds of attributes including owner, demographic, life event, and financial information for properties in your farm. After processing, it compares the data against recently sold homes and understands the attributes that make homes more likely to list and sell.

The +plus   Likely to List is integrated into the Premium Neighborhood Data Service in-order to enhance your prospecting time. Ensuring that you are efficiently prospecting to the sellers with the highest propensity to sell.

Real estate predictive analytics

Big Data, Big Commissions

Machine learning and artificial intelligence have become the dominant force in reshaping modern marketing. Now you have the opportunity to utilize the same technology in your real estate lead generation and maximize your commissions.

Accurate Contact Infromation

my +plus leads specializes in accurate contact information for potential sellers. We know who is likely to list their property to sell, now you can reach them with accurate mailing address information along with phone and email data.

Find Your Target

Create your customized list before applying the my +plus leads Likely to List algorithm. Using the Neighborhood data built in filters to only score listings based on value, age, or absentee status creating a unique, targeted list

Fill Your Pipeline

The Likely to List Service is an add-on feature to the Premium Neighborhood Data Service. Bundle it with my +plus leads Preforeclosure, FSBO, FRBO, Expired Listing Lead Service to ensure you have a steady stream of business regardless of market conditions.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I incorporate predictive seller leads into my marketing?

Likely to List is the perfect companion to your current Circle Prospect Geographic prospecting. You can incorporate it directly into your Just Listed, Just Sold, and Open House campaigns. The predictive analytics simply ensure that you are targeting properties with a statistically higher propensity to sell compared to other homes inside of your farm.

No longer wasting valuable time and marketing budgets on listings that are unlikely to place their home on the market in the near future.

How much does it cost?

The Likely to List Service is included for free until the end of the year when you have a subscription to our Neighborhood Data Service. The cost of Basic Neighborhood is $49 and Premium is $99. Please hurry as this is a limited time offer while we continue to roll the service out across the country.

What attributes are used in the alogrithm?

That is literally a million dollar question and we are happy to answer after the check clears! Of course, we can’t give away the recipe. But we will tell you that we aggregate property data, owner information, listing status, financial information from hundreds of websites, county records, and public resources.

We have dozens of data points on each property and literally billions of data points in our database. But the relevant piece to you is our Likely to List meter, which does all of the aggregation, analyzation, and scoring for you. All you have to do is focus your marketing efforts and time on the properties identified by our predictive analytics and machine learning.

Neighborhood Basic

Getting Started
$49/ MO
  • Occupant Name and Phones
  • Unlimited Searches
  • Phone and Email
  • No long term contracts
  • 14 Day Trial Available
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Premium Neighborhood & Likely to List

Likely To List is Currently FREE to Active Subscribers of a Neighborhood Product
$99/ MO
  • Moble Phones and Email Addresses
  • Absentee Owners
  • Likely to List
  • 14 Day Trial, month-to-month
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Premium Neighborhood

Circle Prospecting Pros
$99/ MO
  • Landline, VOIP, and Mobile Phones
  • Owner Name & Address
  • 3rd Party Integrations
  • 14 Day Trial, no contracts
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