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Refining your Just Listed/Just Sold and Geographic Lead Scripts

When prospecting Just listed/Just Sold and Geographic leads it is very important to utilize effective and tested scripts. The big difference between prospecting FSBO or Expired leads who have a home to sell is that the Just Listed/Just Sold and Geographic calling is targeting people who don’t necessarily want to sell. Therefore, when calling Just Listed/Just Sold and Geographic having powerful scripts is essential.  The seasoned Realtor understands that prospecting to Just listed/Just Sold and Geographic leads will not only generate more listings but also introduce yourself to the neighborhood as a consultant and trusted source of information.

Announce your new listing


“Hi, I’m John Smith with ABC Realty, and we just put your neighbor’s home on 123 Main Street up for sale. Did you notice that it was now on the market?”  Wait for a response and proceed with: “Great! On the John Smith Real Estate Team we do everything we can to get homes sold, and we know that the ultimate purchaser of a home is often a friend, family member or acquaintance of someone that already lives in the same neighborhood. So do you know anyone looking to buy or sell a home in the near future?”

Update neighbors on the market


“Hi, I’m John Smith with ABC Realty, and I’m proud to say that we just sold your neighbor’s home over on 123 Main Street.  But we have a new problem.  We generated so much interest in marketing the home that we had several interested home buyers that also want to live in your neighborhood.  So we are now reaching out to all of the neighbors to see if you know anyone else looking to sell their home in the near future?” 

Announce your services


  1. Hi, I’m (John Smith) with (ABC Realty), I was calling to let you know that (85) homes have sold in your area in the last (30) days, and (63) of those sold at or above the marketed price!  Did you know this?  Answer: “No”.
  2. We know that when homes sell that fast, typically 2 or 3 more homes in the same neighborhood sell right away. So I was curious as to when you plan on moving?  Answer: “No plans”.
  3. Great!  How long have you lived in your home? Answer: “5 years”.
  4. Terrific!  Where did you live before that? Answer: “Denver, Colorado”.
  5. Excellent!  How did you pick this community?  Answer: “To be near family”.
  6. Wonderful!  So if you were to move, where would you move next?  Answer: “To Florida”.
  7. Exciting!  And when would that most likely be?
  8. If their  Answer is 6 months or less, continue:
  9. Did you know that it can take up to 6 months to get a home prepared, marketed and sold in today’s market?  Answer: “No”.
  10. Great!  So do you want your home sold in 6 months, or do you want to start the process of selling then?  Answer: “Sold”.
  11. Perfect!  All that we need to do to start you on your way to (Florida) is pick a time to get together. How does that sound?  Answer: “Great”.
  12. Excellent!  Would Wednesday or Thursday at 4:00pm work better for you?

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